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Blog Post: Our New Mural!

February 24th, 2015 Posted by

Hello, ice cream lovers! It has been a while since our last blog post, but we have finally found the time to sit down and share some fun news with all of you. This April the Purple Door Scoop Shop will have been open to the public for one year. We can't even wrap our heads around how quickly the time has flown by, how many wonderful new people we've met as customers, vendors, or new employees, and how much we have learned. We are also pleasantly surprised and humbled by Milwaukee's year-round enthusiasm for our product, so we sincerely thank you so much for coming in and choosing us. In additon to creating treats for your taste buds we have also been striving to make the scoop shop a treat for the eyes. With this goal in mind we are happy to announce the new mural on our south wall painted by local artist Adam Nilson! 

Painted in the Tromp'loeil style, Adam's mural creates a whimsical optical illusion, giving our guests a 3-D "peek" into our production process. From Mr. Nilson's imagination the ice cream travels through a maze of chain reactions and tubes to you, the customer. For reference, think of the "Breakfast Machine" in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure! We believe this art adds an element of fantasy and fun to our shop. You should stop by to check it out yourselves!

For more information on the artist, visit:


Love and Ice Cream,


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