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Blog Post: The Spice House

January 30th, 2013 Posted by Lauren

One of the questions we get most often from customers is, "How do you come up with your unique flavors?". While the process of discovering and imagining new flavors takes many different forms, taking a trip to a local spice store helps us to heighten our senses and concoct unusual flavor combinations for our ice cream.

A few weeks ago we took the morning and spent some time at The Spice House on Old World Third Street. One of the best moments of the day was when we first opened the door and walked in the store. The aroma - sweet, savory, roboust, fruity, zesty - all combined in one beautiful, deep breath upon setting foot inside The Spice House. The spices demand you take a closer look - to smell, feel and imagine the spice and what it could mean for the food you will add it to. 

We take our time at the spice store. We examine the color of each spice, imaging the vibrancy or hue that it will bring to our ice cream. We smell the spice once. We smell it twice. Then a third time we take a deep breath and let the seasoning waft in the air for a while. What memories are brought about in our minds when we smell the spice? 

Next we taste the spice. Is it palatable? Does it stand on it's own or does it need additional ingredients to bring out it's essense? Does it have a mellow taste? Pungent? Full-bodied and flavorsome? How will it work in a rich, creamy ice cream? 

Finally we talk about the spice. What are our initial reactions to the spice? And we discuss it with others in the store. Perhaps others have had experiences with various spices that tell a story, too.  Food and ice cream are about experience, and the experiences we have had with spices in the past shape how we view and taste them today. 

Several hours and hundreds of dollars later we leave the spice house, our senses hightened and ready to experiment with ice cream flavors. Next stop, the kitchen. 


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