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Blog Post: Wisconsin Foodie

February 12th, 2013 Posted by Lauren

We feel so lucky to be producing our ice cream in the "dairy state". Not only do we have the best milk and cream one can find for ice cream, but the state of Wisconsin has such a diverse and excellent culinary scene that embraces small, artisan food producers like Purple Door. 

Recently we received a visit from Arthur Ircink, creator and executive producer of Wisconsin Foodie.  He and Kyle Cherek have been doing a piece for Wisconsin Foodie about Clock Shadow Creamery, Martha's Pimento Cheese and Purple Door Ice Cream. All three businesses produce dairy products in the Clock Shadow Building in Walker's Point. 

It is fascinating to speak with Arthur, who has toured the state, country and world learning about and recording localfood producers, chefs and restaurants. His questions are poignant and telling. It was a pleasure to talk with him about Purple Door, why we source local, the importance of local food and business in our community and economy, and how ice cream making can be artfully captured on camera.

If you aren't already a fan of Wisconsin Foodie, might be suggest checking them out online or your local PBS station. 

To view the episode about Purple Door, Clock Shadow and Martha's Pimento Cheese, visit this link:


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