Catering Packages

Purple Door catering is available in
full-service packages and pick-up packages. 
Service packages include ice cream services, delivery, and set-up and tear down by Purple Door's expert catering staff. 
Pick-up packages are available for pick-up at Purple Door's retail scoop shop in Walker's Point, 205 S 2nd Street. 
All service packages require at least a two-week advance notice and are subject to availability. 


Exclusive Mini-Ice Cream Station 
Offer an "appetizer" style package that can be served as a pre or post meal treat. We offer a variety of mini-bite-sized ice cream options to give a unique taste of Purple Door. 
Mini-ice cream options:
• Mini-sandwich and mini-cone station
• Mini-sandwich station

Ice Cream Cups
Our individual, pre-packaged ice cream cups are a great dessert for any event. 


Ice Cream Sandwiches 
Treat your guest to Purple Door ice cream sandwiches between cookies from Sugar and Flour bakery. Ice Cream sandwiches are individually wrapped. 

Ice Cream Scoop Station 
Ice cream scoops for everyone! Offer your guests ice cream in single cones or dishes. 

Offer your guests ice cream scooped in our awesome mini-cones. (1 flavor per 100 guests)


Pick-up Options

Service up scoops of Purple Door ice cream for your guests. Includes 2 flavors of ice cream, dishes, spoons and napkins. 

Ice Cream Sandwiches
Purple Door's hand-crafter ice cream sandwiches between cookies from Sugar and Flour bakery. Sandwiches are individually wrapped. (Flavors ordered in multiples of 12). 


Ice Cream Cups
Our individual, pre-packaged 4oz ice cream cups are great on the go. Grab a spoon and dig in.  (This pack comes with dry ice and an insulated purple bag. Flavors ordered in increments of 20). 


Our gallon-sized ice cream for a crowd. 


Please note:
Delivery and/or dry ice upon request, availability and additional fee. 


Bring a Purple Door Ice Cream cake to your next special event! Our ice cream cakes are available in 6", 7" and 9" rounds. You can order your custom cake by calling our scoop shop during retail hours (414-988-2521) and placing your order.  Two-week notice needed for custom cakes.  A variety of pre-decorated cakes available on a first-come-first-serve basis at 205 S 2nd Street.
Ice cream cakes are not available for catering or service packages.